PMC’s Staff

Muhammad Ali
Mr. Muhammad Ali(Chairperson PMC)


PMC are managed by an elected board of Directors. The Board oversee the centre and have appointed a Chief Executive Officer to develop the centre.The CEO has a wide range of experience of working in partnership, making services more effective, community engagement and neighbourhood based approaches to improving quality of life for citizens. The PMC provides some centre based services/projects and at the same time aims to work in partnership with local community organisations to reach down to the neighbourhood level. This approach focuses on reducing duplication and maximising impact of activities being delivered.

The success of PMC is key for the continued development of the Pakistani Community. Our aim is to ensure that the quality of life is enjoyed by the Pakistani Community. Therefore we try to develop good relationship with community members in order to identify their needs and how we can help them. Recently PMC has organised a meeting with mosque Imams and other members of Community to highlight a number of issues. We encourage members of the community to come and to talk to us regarding the services that we deliver and how we can improve. We welcome constructive comments and suggestions.

Dr. Abdul Rob
Dr. Abdul Rob (Chief Executive Officer)
Saqlain Muhammed
Saqlain Mohammed (Community outreach Worker- Voluntary Capacity)
Sayed Aqil Sayed
S. Aqil Saeed (Account Manager)
Steve Mccarth PMC Building Manager
Steve Mccarthy (Building Manager)