The PMC is hosting a range of projects and programmes.


To engage with the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Service and the Acute Inpatient Wards focusing on the needs of service users from South Asian communities. To work in a collaborative way to reduce the length of stay in hospital of South Asian service users by promoting early discharge and identifying and utilising community resources. This is an ongoing project.


The PMC has been running the Healthy Life style project for over five years very successfully funded initially by the PCT. At least 20 men participate regularly in a range of healthy lifestyles activities such as walking, sightseeing, swimming, and aerobic and fitness related exercises. The participants feel that the project is greatly benefiting them in terms of physical well being and refreshing their mind. If you are interested, please come to the PMC and register your interest.


ESOL Course for men and women is essential in order to improve their day-to-day social interaction. It is also a Home Office requirement to acquire an Entry Level 3 qualification in English in order to gain British Citizenship. The PMC recently organized a EU Migrant event to disseminate all projects currently happening at the PMC including the ESOL. If you are interested, please register your interest with the PMC.


The PMC currently also offer IT, Job club and Information, Advice and Guidance for women and men who may want to obtain employment or would like to progress onto additional learning and training opportunities. . If you are interested, please register your interest with the PMC.


The aim of these support session is to assist the BME and EU Migrants pupils with their curriculum to enable them to acquire better grades. It has proved popular with schools and the children. Graduates and under graduates are recruited to work with the pupils and they are seen as role models. These tutors provide a mentoring and supporting role. This project is expected to run in the future subject to funding.


The PMC has a state of the art ‘Woodbourn Digital Media Studio’ with innovative digital media project, which delivered taster sessions on digital applications and technologies to all members of the local community and provided start-up support and advice to local businesses. The sessions increased the participant’s confidence and engender a culture of digital entrepreneurship whilst offering opportunities to participate in the digital economy. If you have novel idea on digital technology, please come forward and discuss with the PMC.


The overall aim of the programme was to develop the communication, representation, safeguarding and other skills of faith leaders, workers and volunteers so that they could operate more effectively and confidently within their own communities. The Continuing Professional Development for Faith Leaders was an initiative, which built on the existing relationships between DfES and a number of individual faith-based organisations including the PMC. The event took place at the Pakistan Muslim Centre, the Sheffield pilot site, and was very well attended by over 100 guests including the Bishop of Sheffield and many eminent faith leaders from across the country. Similar project is expected to run in the future subject to funding.


The PMC has vast accumulated experience gained over the last 25 years in various areas that affect the community including education, health, and community cohesion and event managements. The participants have found the courses and various special training programmes very rewarding and are grateful for the support offered by the PMC. In particular the participants very well received the Continuing Professional Development course. The course has started a process with participants that have lead to greater community engagement. The PMC anticipate doing similar activities in the future as a means of building community cohesion and involving all ages as volunteers to make this kind of event a success. The PMC will also continue the mental project, ESOL, Job club and healthy lifestyle project to empower the community.